Training away

I got back earlier in the week from a short family holiday to visit one of my sisters (who I will just call “L”, for the sake of privacy) who lives in North Wales. My parents had hired a little cottage, and due to my other sister (“A”) not coming with her boyfriend, I actually got a good room for once (oh the woes of being single and shoved in the box room with a single bed!). It even had an en-suite bathroom, and I actually had two baths – my second and third since returning from Japan in 2010.

Despite the craptacular weather, getting out of London was awesome, plus I got to see my family and hang out with my sister and little niece, J, whose 2nd birthday we went to celebrate. She is at the age where she is voraciously learning new words, so it seemed rude not to teach her anything. We started with “din-dins”, which she used the next day, and then we progressed onto the more advanced phrase “Auntie Fi is stupid” (I did something stupid, said it, she repeated it, I repeated it – voila – new words learnt). Amazingly she picked this up, and even more amazingly said to her mother that night “Mummy stupid”! Surprisingly, that didn’t go down so well and Auntie Fi got told off :)

L and I have a pathological hatred of hairdressers (you may remember this fact from a previous post), so we cut each others hair. It involved a black bin bag, some scissors from the chemist and a bit of giggling. Quite fun and I’m pretty happy with it. Not that you’d ever notice I even had it cut since I mostly keep it back, except for rare and special occasions :)

Anyhow, I managed to get one good training session outside before the apocalyptic rain started. I’ve been working on my endurance so found a local playground with monkey bars (in a tiny village in Wales, full of kids and their parents speaking Welsh to them – I didn’t look out of place at all) and did a couple of pyramid sets:

10 x pull-ups
30s rest
30 x push-ups
2 min rest

9 x pull-ups
30s rest
27 x push-ups
2 min rest

8 x pull-ups
30s rest
24 x…

I’m sure you get the picture. I dropped the 30s rest when I got to 5 x pull-ups, and shortened the rest between sets to 1 minute. Then did a 10, 9, 8 etc. down to 1 set of hanging leg raises.

The next day I wanted to train again but it was raining, so I had to make do with what was available inside. I’d taken my push-up handles so did a bit of messing around with frog stands, which along with handstands and handstand push-ups I’ve totally neglected recently.

Also, buoyed by the success of the previous days pyramids, I thought I’d do another set. I couldn’t face doing pistols (lazy Fi) so decided to do bodyweight squats and bench dips on the window sill. I never do bodyweight squats – I find them quite easy and a bit pointless, but actually I did them on Monday and on Friday my hamstrings were still hurting. Lesson learnt – I have plans to do them again. It was a good way to fit an intense session into 10 minutes, which due to the fact I was being called downstairs to drink champagne with the family, was all I had.

The reps were:

30 x bench dips
60 x bodyweight squats

27 x dips
54 x squats

24 x dips
48 x squats

etc. down to 3 x dips and 6 x squats.

No rest between sets (except, if you’re me, to peer at the screen to figure out how many reps you’re supposed to do next!).

I will leave you with this extraordinarily cute video of my extraordinarily cute niece enjoying the wooden train set I bought her for her second birthday. I loved my set when I was a kid, and it’s cool to see little J enjoying this so much.


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