1RM – 20 and 25kg

1RM means “1 repetition max” – the term for the amount of weight you can lift for one rep (and the way that the winners of powerlifting competitions and so on are determined). I’ve never tried it before, but since I’ve been following the 5×5 program for weighted pull-ups (7.5kg next time) and dips (12.5kg next time) for a few weeks now, I figured I’d give it a go.

I was kind of worried – the 20kg plate is massive, and even putting it on the dip belt and stepping up to the bar wasn’t easy – feels completely unbalanced. Actually, though, the pull-up itself felt fine. 25kg was more like what I was expecting the 20kg to feel like – hard. Although Dean (one of the trainers who works at the gym and trains bodyweight, who filmed me) thought I’d got it, it didn’t feel high enough to me and watching back that’s definitely the case. I’ll try again in a few weeks, and maybe see if I can even hit 30 :)

You can read the rest of what I did for the session here.

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