Being challenged

Being part of the bar calisthenics community has meant making friends across the world – sharing workout tips, motivating each other and generally being part of a global scene via Facebook, YouTube and forums. My sister finds this incredibly strange and “creepy”. I’m not quite sure why – I like connecting with people, especially when you have shared goals and interests. Anyhow, quite often people post friendly challenges, and when I can (i.e. have both the time and the ability) I like to do them. Here are a couple of clips of recent ones.


First up was the two-finger pull-ups, which I saw on Adrienne Harvey’s Facebook page. I think it was an RKC instructor challenge, as it seemed to be mentioned a bit amongst those circles at the time.

Verdict: Much easier than expected, although it makes your fingers feel strange.

That was closely followed by Aleks issuing a fingertip L-sit hold challenge. Here is Alek’s doing his:

And here is mine:

Verdict: Not bad, but makes your fingers feel like they will snap. More work required on my finger strength.

I have saved the best (by which I mean “your chance to laugh at my epic failure”) till last… Every week NY Bar-barian Zef posts a workout on his blog. This week it was as follows:

40s hold in high plank position
40 x push-ups
30s hold in high plank position
30 x push-ups
20s hold in high plank position
20 x push-ups
10s hold in high plank position
10 x push-ups
5s hold in high plank position
5 x push-ups

All in one un-broken set. Here you can see it being demonstrated perfectly by Mark:

When I read it I honestly thought “hey, that sounds ok if I drop the first set”. Little did I know…


Verdict: Holy sh*t and a half. That was hard. Going to try it again. Also not going to put the camera right in front of my chest next time :)

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