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Eating Lots of Carbs, Sugar May Raise Risk of Cognitive Impairment, Mayo Clinic Study Finds
Those 70-plus who ate food high in fat and protein fared better cognitively, research showed. I suspect that by 70+ the cumulative effects of eating such a diet are pretty serious – best start chowing down on your tasty fats and quality proteins now ;)

Chips in pregnancy can cause underweight babies
“Consuming a vast quantity of chips, crisps and biscuits during pregnancy can lead to babies having a lower than average birth weight, the study found”. Maybe should have filed this in the section at the bottom…

Is organic a scam?
Short answer – no. Of course not :)

Introduction to Superstarch
UCAN Superstarch is a complex carbohydrate that replenishes muscle glycogen without spiking insulin (which inhibits fat burning), is gentle on the stomach and is designed to be used before, during or after exercise. It’s a pretty revolutionary product and one that has been causing a lot of buzz in the fitness community. Peter Attia has done a good intro on his blog, The Eating Academy (which is well worth checking out).

The Deload Week: What is it and how can it help you get stronger?
Another good article from Mark Sisson.

The Painless Path to Endurance
This is from last year, but someone posted it on Facebook recently and it’s too good not to share. A quote:

I met this quiet professional at one of our RKC military kettlebell courses. He was capable of a strict pullup with 160 pounds of extra weight, at a bodyweight of 195 pounds (and one-arm chins, naturally). He could close Iron Mind’s iconic #2.5 Captains of Crush hand gripper, 237.5 pounds strong, for three reps. And he had run over ten ultramarathons, from 50 to 100 miles!

Getting girly
In the aftermath of Caitlin Moran’s book, there has been a glut of articles about feminism, some interesting, some less so. One even seems to relate the popularity of TV Shows The Great British Bake-Off and Downton Abbey to the fact that we are somehow regressing as a society.

As well as those, there seem to be a host of other articles related to women…

Pre-menstrual syndrome could be a myth
Studies show that women are no more moody before their periods. Maybe they were just using it as an excuse…

Do we make too much fuss about breasts?
Yes, I think so (in so many ways, but that’s another issue!). As the sub-heading says, “It’s good to raise awareness of breast cancer, but an agenda driven by popular opinion can get in the way of science”.

Why Fujitsu’s Floral Kiss laptop for women is ridiculous
Fujitsu’s brought out a laptop aimed at girls. Because, y’know, the ones made for men are so big, ugly and utterly unusable. Actually, I think this is more a statement of women’s role in Japan rather than in Britain.

Disney’s Brave director: I was hired because I am a woman
But it all turned out ok, much like their movies

Quite a funny (and PR-savvy) response from Bodyform about a (real?) comment on their Facebook page from a man who claims they mislead him by using blue liquid instead of blood in their ads.
In my experience this is true after relationship break-ups too. Women definitely seem to have better coping mechanisms. 

10 Things happy people do differently
So how many of these do you do, or not? And how do you feel about it?

A good night’s sleep can help beat obesity
Just drumming this point in a bit more ;)

Workouts in Extreme Weight-Loss TV Fuel Negative Attitudes About Exercise, Study Finds

Lifting Weights Protects Against Metabolic Syndrome, Study Suggests

Everyone (at least here in the UK) constantly bitches about how the governments “waste taxpayers money”, but what about the scientists who do these ridiculous studies?!

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