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Slightly off the usual track with this post, and one which may reveal me as the massive hippy I am… not only do I not use conventional skincare products, but I also make my own.

I decided to try and cut down on on using commercial products, something that happened to coincide with a couple friends, who both have exceptionally good skin, telling me that the they didn’t use products on their face. Obviously their good genes help, too, but it made me realise that actually there probably wasn’t anything that bad with just using hot water instead of soap. Also, I think the entire skincare market is just full of snake-oil peddling bullshit merchants, and that the products themselves are basically an emulsion of oil and water with a cocktail of chemicals that offer (at best) a short term tightening effect and at worst are just full of toxic crap. What started with a somewhat sceptical experiment has gone on for a year now, and I’m really happy.

My face care routine consists of washing my face with hot water in the shower, and putting home-made face oil on it when I get out. Simple is good, and this has been working out well for me. Along with getting enough sleep (my skin looks rubbish if I don’t) and drinking enough water (never a problem) it’s kept my skin looking better than it ever did using expensive facial washes and creams. My sister was asking me how I made my oil so I thought I would just post the recipe here in case anyone else wants to have a go. I use it on my body too sometimes, and normally on my décolletage (love that word!).

I just mix about a third avocado oil with two thirds almond oil and add a few drops of rose oil. I got a spray bottle to put it in from Muji that I keep at home, and another little one that I keep in my bag for using after training. More avocado oil will make it thicker and greasier, whereas the almond oil is lighter. Sometimes I add wheatgerm or vitamin E oil too.

At this point about half my readership (the female half) are probably thinking “gah, but it will make my face shiny!”… And yes, it will, for a few minutes as it soaks in. Your skin will adapt to having oil applied to wet skin, as opposed to an emulsified mixture of the two, and it will sink in quickly, leaving your skin soft and also feeling a bit more protected from the hot sun, cold winds and dirty cities.


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