Sunday 14th October

This is my 6th consecutive day of training… Should’ve rested really but promised a friend I’d train him. He’d injured his shoulder so we hit legs and also I talked him through the benefits of HIT vs. steady cardio, told him he needs to set goals for himself, do serious strength training and clean up his diet. Will be cool if he starts implementing some changes.

Tabata bodyweight squats
(20s squats, 10s rest for 8 rounds)

Tabata high kicks
(20s work, 20s rest so could swap on and off the bag)

3 sets of 10 swiss ball pikes
(demoing mytop ab exercises to wean him off crunches)

Tabata lunges

Then some stretching.

Short and sweet and I reckon he’ll be hurting tomorrow  ;)

My arm still hurts. Think it’s something in my bicep. Gonna follow Lou’s recovery diet – boney fish, papaya/pineapple, ginger and peanut butter. Want to do more muscle-ups tomorrow – have decided I need to keep then to alternate days for the next month or so in order not to risk tendonitis and let my body get used to them.

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