Thursday 11th October

Tabata sprints on the treadmill:
30s at 16km/h
20s at 6km/h
(increased time to allow for speeding up/slowing down of belt).

Joint mobility

The pull-up rack was busy so started off with this weeks Zef workout:

30s hold in plank position
30 x push-ups
20s plank
20 x push-ups
10s plank
10 x push-ups
5s plank
5 x push-ups

It was really hard. You can see the video if you like. Had to break between sets. Gonna try again soon.

Then did 10 MU attempts (I think that’s about my limit before I get fatigued). Got one arm over in a way that I think was “right”, but didn’t feel confident enough to get the other one up. Tweaked my elbow a bit – it’s still hurting so going to lay off them for today and rest upper body. Feeling more positive. Need to be more explosive – as someone on my Facebook said – perhaps I need to get “more angry”

5 supersets of 5 x pull-ups and 5 x dips (no rest between exercises, 1 minute in between sets)

Some static holds at the top of the bar (30s)

3 x 10 leg raises (on P-bars)

Some attempted HSPU negatives but I was too fatigued to go down. Really need to get on it with these – they are one of my new years resolutions and I’ve made no progress at all!

Think that was it – should’ve written this up last night.

Still on the high fat diet. So far so good. Feeling strong and recovered, building muscle nicely (actually getting some weird veins too) so sticking with it.

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