Thursday 18th October


1km run
Joint mobility

5 sets of 20s L-sit holds
5 sets of 20 tuck planche holds
(Not really a tuck planche as my feet aren’t high enough, but trying to push forwards and load up my shoulders more. Feeling better at them after all the shoulder-loading to get the MU)
3 x tuck front/back lever holds.
Not liking doing these on the rack at the gym – too high to drop off if I’m fatigued. Will have to buy some rings.
Tabata high kicks
Tabata front kicks (awesome – put the bag against the wall – makes a good noise  )
3 x supersets:
– 10 x swiss ball pikes
– 10 x leg raises/lowers with my a$$ hanging off a bench (gonna try and move out further and further)
– 10 x single leg swiss ball jackknifes (5 each leg)
Next time will do some plank and hollow rocks – meant to do them but forgot.
5 sets of 10 tuck jumps
On the diet front been sticking with the low carb/keto thing but been feeling a bit tired and hungry so decided to do a mega carb slam… So got 150g’s of carbs in the form of brown rice and sweet potatoes. Hopefully that’s enough to restore glycogen and reset leptin as the thought of cramming more down (that came to two heaped bowls) doesn’t really appeal. Am loving the low carb thing so hoping that this will give me a bit of a boost. Might start introducing more carbs after workouts though and see how that goes.

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