Thursday 25th October

Abs and back day. Tapering down my upper body training for a few days – arm is still sore and I think I need to adapt to all the weighted stuff and the muscle ups.


Tabata sprints

Tabata burpees
These felt harder than normal today


4 super-sets:

– 10 x swiss ball pikes
– 1 minute kicking punch bag
– 10 x ab rollouts*
– 20 x lying down side-to-side leg raises
– 10 x assisted pistols**

* Done standing up, but with the wall to stop me if I went too far (although aimed to stop before I hit it). Did two sets of 10 with a 30s rest to let my back ease off.

** Going all the way down, holding at the bottom. Held onto a bench with one hand and tried to engage my legs/a$$ to push up. Really need to work on my form for pistols – think it’s better to do some assisted rather than not go all the way on unassisted ones.

Been watching some more MU tutorials to get my head round the swing, so practised them for a bit. Still feels like I have a long way to go before I can do them properly. Did one but pretty much brute-forced may way up as usual. Made my arm hurt – shouldn’t have done it really.

Lots of stretching.

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