True inspiration

If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, an average day probably sees about 25% of it clogged up with “inspirational” pictures. You know what I mean – a photo of the sea with some trite message about being calm, a picture of a war vet working out with a quote about strength – all that nonsense. The reason I’m so cynical is because they mostly seem to be created and shared by people who just talk. True inspiration – someone who is motivated, brave, honest, determined and all those other awesome adjectives – is much harder to come across, which is why this video, recording one mans month-long journey through weight-loss and calisthenics, is so amazing. Yes it’s 11 minutes long, but I can assure you that it’s much more worthwhile than the 10 minutes you’d otherwise have wasted reading about the X Factor or doing something depressing like watching the news.

One of my favourite bits is when he’s throwing out his supplements. It’s funny that a lot of people in the calisthenics world go through that cycle – starting out, wanting to progress fast, finding out about and buying a wide range of supps, religiously chucking them down our throats until…we figure out that they are pretty much pointless and at best a waste of money and at worst just not very good for our health. It takes most of us longer than a month to figure it out, so props to Ben for nailing that so fast! I still have some BCAA’s and protein powder in the cupboard that I need to get rid of, having realised about four months ago that both of them aren’t necessary. Actually I have even dropped my protein intake to under 100g a day and am looking way more ripped than when I was chowing down on 150g of grilled turkey for lunch! Just goes to show that all you need is some good proper food and hard work to feel strong and look good.

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  1. Felicia says:

    OMG! I loved the plyometrics! Memories from my track and field days…