Tuesday 23rd October


Joint mobility

2 x bench dips
2 x bench push-ups
4/4 6/6 8/8 10/10

1 pull-up
2 x narrow push-up
2/4 3/6 4/8 5/10


6 x muscle-ups (with maybe 1 min rest in between)
Going to increase by one each time. They feel very slightly easier, although I am still basically using brute force to power me up, with no technique whatsoever.

5×5 sets:

6.25kg pull-ups

11/25kg dips

All 2 min rest. Failed on the last dip on the last set, so will keep that weight the same and increase pulls to 7.25kg. Will wait till I’m fresh for the next session to increase the liklihood of managing it – probably Sunday or Monday.

5 x 10 leg raises
1 min rest. Really tried to go as high as possible and as slow as possible. Might have to cut down the reps to really do this though.

3 x 5 close-grip straight bar dips
1.30min rest. Damn these felt hard after the above!

Bit of handstand practise and some stretching out on the TRX.

Today’s bathroom break sets were 10s advance frog stand. Did 60s in total. Feeling very very slightly easier than they used to.

Body is battered today – rest tomorrow fo’ sho’.

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