Tuesday 30th October

6.5km easy run outside.

First run for a few weeks and it felt really, really good – feet felt strong (still getting used to the “barefoot” shoes) and it was good to be outside in the clear autumn air. Made it all the way without stopping, which is rare for me (mainly stop coz I’m lazy and mentally weak, rather than unfit!). That was probably because I kept the pace slow and didn’t get my heart rate up (that’s what the burpees are for ;)

I have decided to take a break from pushing and pulling exercises for a while to let my arm recover. Been doing some reading about tendonitis and feel like if I continue to push through then I am at serious risk of getting it in a more chronic way. So for the next week or so I will be doing legs, abs, back and some static holds.

Today I chose static holds, which I probably shouldn’t have done, but my resolve wasn’t as strong as it is now that I woke up to find my arm was hurting this morning ;)

5 x supersets:

  • 10 x hanging leg raises (toes to bar)
  • 20s L-sit hold
5 x supersets:
  • 20s pseudo tuck planche hold
  • 10 x L-sit kickouts
4 sets of 30s handstand holds
All had 1 minute rest in between.
Bit of stretching

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