Wednesday 10th October

Quick workout at the gym.

5 min X-trainer warm-up, joint mobility.

Muscle up attempts. Going to do these every time I train, first thing so I’m fresh. I have decided that the reason I can’t do them is because I am a mal-coordinated retard, rather than because I am weak. So I intend to practise them until I get it.

A few Russian dips. These are WAY harder to do on the setup at the gym then at the park.

Three sets of dips – 12, 10, 7

Two sets of pull-ups (low-ish numbers – was getting fatigued)

2 x L-sit holds (25 and 20s).

2 sets of 10 x HLR

Set of L-sit chins

Few static holds on the bar

Wasn’t really a very well planned session all-in-all. Need to rectify that – kind of struggling with the transition back indoors, weirdly – not quite adapted to the different setup. It’s harder to work stuff when you end up having to wait for equipment – the main pull-up and dip station is also the squat rack, so it’s full of rat-faced creatine-bloated mofo’s  Back again tonight and going to plan a proper workout routine before I go.

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