Why keep a training log?

I started keeping a training log back in June, and when I got the new domain decided that I’d move them here from their previous home on the Bar-barians forums. I used not to think there was much value in tracking what you did during workouts, thinking it a bit of an obsessive thing to do but I’ve come to see the value in it, and so should you. Here’s why:
    • Tracking improvement
      What better motivational tool then seeing how much better you’ve got in the past month or year.


  • Overcoming plateaus
    If you find yourself stuck in a rut, reviewing what you’ve been doing for the past few weeks or months is often the key to figuring out where you’ve been going wrong.



  • Keeping track
    Of distances run, weights lifted, reps performed…



  • Monitoring for over-training/injuries
    Often I’ll think to myself “god, I’m feeling completely f-ed today”, then look back at my log and notice that I’ve not had a rest day for nearly a week.



  • Noting food, mood and other ‘oods
    It’s just handy to note down how you’re feeling – if you’re tired, achey, whether you’ve changed your eating habits – anything that could alter your results. These can all be reviewed to get a bigger picture months (or years) down the line.



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