Friday Inspiration: Age and beauty

One of the coolest things about “meeting” “random” people through the internet is that you get exposed to things that you’d never normally see, come across people who you’d never encounter in your day-to-day life, and so are often lucky enough to see even more awesome things. I will share two of them with you today.

The first is a video an Italian friend emailed me of an incredibly strong [Italian] 71 year old, doing stuff that most people a third of his age can’t do. There’ve been a few videos on my Facebook feed of a 60-odd year old doing similar, but in my opinion this is way more impressive.

The second is one of two showreels from dancer and aerial acrobat Christa Leopardi. Christa and I are friends on Facebook after “meeting” in a group talking about nutrition. I was posting about a certain diet I follow, and she had some questions, and now we message regularly about various things. I have to say that although I knew she had a dance background, I only recently came across her website and her showreel, which is full of some awesome things like this:


Sometimes it’s easy to go through life and forget the richness and depth of the talents of others – a regular reminder is always welcome :)

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