Girls BBR’s

BBwhat?! BBR’s is the shorthand for Bar-barian Requirements – what you need to be able to do to join the world’s best bodyweight team, the Bar-barians. Up until now they have been: 5 muscle-ups, 45 dips, 25 pull-ups, 55 push-ups and 5 muscle-ups, all in un-broken sets, in 6 minutes.

Obviously this is out of the reach of all but the most genetically-gifted, young and insanely-hard training woman, and actually I am not even sure if it would be possible – maybe someone out there could do it with a lot of training, but I don’t believe there’s a woman on this planet who could do it right now.

Anyhow, to launch the requirements for girls, Dasha, a 12 year old from Ukraine who is incredibly strong and generally awesome, did them and has become the first female Bar-barian:

I had to rip this video from Facebook and upload it to my YouTube account (there is no other way to link to it from here), so this is to say that I don’t own the footage nor did I shoot it. And actually I may have illegally (not sure about ripping vids from Facebook, but I suspect it ain’t gonna make me go to heaven) obtained it. Any problems then just email me.

The requirements are:

2 x muscle-ups
15 x pull-ups
25 x dips
35 x push-ups
2 x muscle-ups
In un-broken sets in 6 minutes.

It’s in my plan to hit this by the middle of next year I think. At this rate it will take me that long to get my muscle ups clean enough! Although the rest will be fine – last night I did 11 pulls, 21 dips and 28 pushes in 5 minutes without totally maxing out, so another 6 months should allow me to fill in those gaps. Just need to sort my uncoordinated ass out with the start/end moves ;)

In other BBR news… The men’s requirements have been “upgraded”…

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