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Here’s your regular round-up of the more interesting posts and news I’ve read recently. If anyone has anything they’d like to submit then feel free to email me :)


Big Sugar’s Sweet Little Lies. How the industry kept scientists from asking: Does sugar kill?
Starting with the most important, as usual… an expose on how Big Sugar (aka the “food” industry) suppressed the real story on how bad sugar is for your health.

Soy protein present in egg yolks and chicken tissues
I avoid non-fermented soya as I don’t think it’s very good for you. If you do the same you might be interested to see that it can still creep into your diet in other ways.

Older study, but since my parents read this, and they are old enough to suffer with cognitive impairment, I figured it was worth posting again ;) Don’t forget about Type 3 Diabetes
Good. Maybe they realise that if you eat properly you don’t need to supplement.


Myths of Running: Forefoot, Barefoot and Otherwise
Quite a balanced article on quite a controversial topic.

12 Rules for Being a Human Being
Some very good advice here. Worth stopping to read and think about what you do and don’t do.

Do Pain Pills Impair Muscle Growth?
About once every two months I kill myself so much in training that I take an ibuprofen before bed. If you do it regularly then you should probably have a read of this.

The Evil Russian Speaks: An Interview with Pavel Tsatsouline
A two part interview with the legednary Pavel. Old but packed with good advice and general wisdom on all aspects of training.
Part 1 and part 2

Health, sex and relationships

Depression in men ‘regularly ignored’
Example of reverse sexism? People making assumptions? Society saying men should just “man up? Really I think we’re all just as emotionally sensitive as each other and realising that would probably be a good thing :)

Can You Be Healthy and Overweight?
Looking specifically at women, and the fact that actually it is generally healthier for us to be a little further up the scale

Why fat friends harm quest for perfect body
“The study found that women’s actual size and shape had less bearing on how they felt than the comments and attitudes of those surrounding them.” All pretty obvious, but when you extrapolate that to an entire nation, you basically end up with a situation where because people are surrounded by overweight people then they perceive their status as also being overweight to be ok. It’s one of the reasons why the Japanese (using a society that I have lived in) are slim – because everyone else it. Big topic, slightly controversial views – will shut up now :)

Dementia deaths more than double in a decade
Not sure whether this is purely down to people living longer and therefore the chance of it being identified as dementia is higher. Will be interesting to see the research done on this.

Oliver Sacks’ most mind-bending experiment
Interesting interview with neurologist and author Oliver Sack.

‘The moment I realised I was asexual’
Really not sure what to make of this. Nature or nuture? It just kinda makes me sad that they miss out on one of life’s joys.

This column will change your life: the harsh realities of relationships
Can men and women actually just be friends? Hmm, it’s a tricky one for sure. In my experience, I would say either a) the guy wants to sleep with the girl (and doesn’t have a hope in hell) b) there is sexual tension but it wouldn’t go anywhere and both parties know that or c) neither is interested in each other and they are just friends. A is by far the least desirable in my opinion, and the only thing that would make me think a friendship couldn’t work out. Nothing worse than that /look/… (Yeah, yeah – call me a bitch ;) )

My husband’s sex change
Thought provoking.

Anti-Fat Bias May Be Equally Prevalent in General Public and Medical Community

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