If you read my training logs you’ve probably heard me talking about a lingering shoulder problem for quite a while now. I think it started when I first got muscle-ups – that technique of throwing one arm over first then using it to haul up the rest of your weight is incredibly stressful on the body and that certainly seems to be when the pain started. Of course, being a pig-headed idiot, I continued training, occasionally taking a few rest days if I felt it was getting worse. I ended up backing off training for quite a while a few weeks ago, in which time it felt ok, but then as I cranked things up again (prepping for the seminars last weekend) it wasn’t doing great, and by the time the seminars were over it’s safe to say it was fucked.

So… time to stop training and give it some lovin’.

The plan I came up with is:

1. Sports massage
2. Doctors
3. New resolution: twice weekly (at least) yoga

So far this has worked out well. I had a sports massage on Wednesday with a guy I’ve seen before who works out of a gym/football club in Dulwich. I’d seen him in February after finding a GroupOn offer for a £19 massage. He was good and I felt like he knew what he was doing with proper athletes, as opposed to people who want a gentle rub down with lavendar oil whilst they listen to a CD of dolphins shagging under the moonlight. Whilst doing some research into massage therapists I came across another offer at the same place, emailed to see if it was him, and lo and behold it was. He suggested I pay him direct, which I was happy to do as GroupOn are evil and take a massive cut.

Anyhow, the first session was good. My body’s a fucking train wreck and as he (Mark) pointed out, I’ve basically spent the past 10 months building a new body so it’s not really surprising. He asked about my training and I said I just do bodyweight. 10 minutes later he says “so, what do you bench?”, and I say I don’t do any weights – just pull-ups, push-ups and dips. Another few minutes later he goes “you’re not on the juice are you?”! He just couldn’t believe I’ve got the body I have from only bodyweight, and told me I should create a system and market it to people! Quite funny. But he’s offered me a special rate for athletes who go regularly – £25 an hour. Gonna go twice a week for the next two weeks and see how it goes. My body is a mess though, so will probably take longer than that. Next session on Sunday.

Number 2 was dealt with last night – went to the doctors and explained (actually truthfully – she was so nice I totally chickened out of lying/hamming it up which was what I originally planned to do) what I’d done (including an explanation of a muscle up) and said that I’d continued training through it. She actually thinks I’ve got a trapped muscle in my front deltoid. Did some googling and it seems to be something called “impingement”. Actually sounds right for some of the pain, especially as it hurts in certain movement ranges. And now that I look in the mirror there is some swelling on that side. She suggested 2 weeks off training, and taking Iburprofen 3 x a day! (Hells naw). I do think the tendons are fried too, so a few weeks off is ok. I think I will probably do a bit of icing and do anything else that can aid reduction in inflammation (mainly via diet). Sounds like the muscles and tendons get inflamed and then get big so become trapped under other muscles/aggravated by joints, so all inflammation reduction is a good idea. If I still have problems after resuming training in two weeks then it’s back again and an ultrasound scan to see what’s going on. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come to that.

Number 3 – twice weekly yoga – has gone very well. Done Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week (helped by the fact that I have no work and therefore the time to do it). It absolutely confirmed my thoughts that it was a sensible thing to do. I used to do a lot of yoga (ashtanga) when I was doing martial arts, and it really helped with injury prevention and mobility. Going back has made me realise just how stiff I am. And actually I do enjoy the whole practise, plus it gives my precious little ego such a monumental bashing that it can only be a good thing ;)

Anyhow, stay tuned for further updates – hopefully they will all be positive.

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