Monday 12th November

Wanted to go to Kennington to practise some muscle-ups on the bars but I procrastinated in the morning then it started raining. Karma’s a bitch. So I went to the gym instead. This is my second to last session before the Bar-baric seminars (I don’t think I mentioned that I’ve been gearing my training towards them) and decided to focus only on pulling today, then do pushing tomorrow.


Tabata burpees

Joint mobility

7 x pull-ups


5 sets of:
1 x muscle up
5 x explosive pull-ups

Actually one of those sets had me repping two muscle ups, and in some kind of miracle (ok, it may have been the cute PT that came and stood behind me) in another I actually repped three. Woohoo. Hoping that that strength will translate to actually being able to do them on the bar next time I try (which will be at the seminars at the weekend). I think the whole arm-pain thing has made me kind of nervous of doing them, but actually repping those three didn’t hurt at all. Maybe I’ve got stronger than I thought. Anyhow…

Weighted pull-up drop set:

3 @ 15kg
4 @ 12.5kg
4 @ 10kg
5 @ 7.5kg
6 @ 5kg
7 @ 2.5kg
9 @ bodyweight

2 minutes rest between sets.

3 sets of 4 x round the worlds

2 sets of static holds:
20s top
15s middle
10s bottom

Big stretch session

20 minutes steam room

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