Monday 26th November


5 minutes running


10 x rounds of:
1 min kicking, 30s rest
(took the first two easy as a warm-up)

3 supersets:

10 x leg raises (off bench)
20 x side-to-side lying leg raises (10 each side)
20 x superman back things
20 x hollow rocks
20s of dragon flag hold (trying to get body low without using my arm too much!)

Tabata lunges
20s lunges, 10s rest for 8 rounds

3 sets of 20 x pistol squats (alternating legs)


It’s a whole new way of training to get my head round. At least I finally feel like I have a decent ab routine that doesn’t use my arms at all – I mostly do hanging or parallel bar leg raises for my abs, which are both out at the moment.

My bottle of Super Cissus RX arrived this morning. It was recommended by Lou on the forums, and the online reviews of it for treatment of things as specific as impingement and tendonitis are very good.

Still on 3 x ibuprofen a day. Need to look up some stretch routines and figure out what my rotator cuff is and how that works – might actually have to buy one of those silly elastic bands ;)

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