Monday 5th November

Gentle 6.5km run.
Fot is hurting a bit – might have to cut back on the running for a while, or switch to walking. No big deal, given that I mainly run to be outside and I can quite happily walk or ride my bike to do that :)

This is really supposed to be a bit of a rest day, so did some static holds:

3 x Supersets:

  • L-sits: 30s, 25s, 25s
  • L-sit kick-outs: 10, 10, 10

Record on the L-sit – could’ve done 30s before but I am not very good at pushing myself through that pain barrier on my own. Managed to hit 30s though, which is ace. Legs dropped a bit at the end, but otherwise pretty cool.

3 sets of 3 skin-the-cat

3 x Supersets:

  • Handstands (wall): 45s
  • 5 x kneeling ab wheel rollouts
  • 5 x standing ab wheel rollouts
  • 30s of frog stand (on push-up handles, broken)

Handstands of 45s also a record, but one that I admitedly never tried to break before as they frankly still freak me out quite a bit ;)


In other news, today was day 1 of a two week experiment with IF. Want to drop 2kg without affecting lean muscle or recovery, or actually having to eat less. This seems like a good way. Eating window between 11am and 12pm and closing between 7pm and 8pm. Went ok, but my plan to have two large meals isn’t going to work as it will be impossible to hit protein macros in the time (50g per meal? No thanks!). Also starting to push my PWO carbs back up slightly – aiming to stay in ketosis as much as possible so will be having sweet potato and coconut oil in my PWO meal and seeing how that goes.

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