Street Workout World Championship 2012 on Eurosports

The week before last a half hour highlights program of the Street Workout Championships in Riga, Latvia, was broadcast on Eurosports. Sadly it was only on the mainland Europe Eurosports channel but luckily there are a few sites that streamed it, and also someone recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube:

The entertainment value of hearing a posh-sounding English commentator talk about muscle ups, “hip hop moves” and moonwalking was very high, even though the fact he seemed so consistently impressed with human flags where people moonwalked (using the legs to make stepping motions, rather than holding them still, which is much harder) showed he probably should’ve done a bit more research on the sport. It featured Miguel, described very accurately as “defying gravity” as well as Bar-barian Bamboo whose set was sadly not shown.

It’s a really positive thing for the scene that street workout (or whatever you want to call it…) has reached such a status. Hopefully next year the competitions will get even more coverage, and a more consistent showing of all the athletes involved.

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