Sunday 4th November

Arm still hurting. Actually I just copy/pasted the last few training logs from the forums, and realised it’s been going on for a few weeks now, although the bicep issue is gone and I don’t think it’s tendonitis. Rather it’s in the deltoid where it joins the shoulder, and just feels tight, sore and bruised. Thinking I should go and see a doctor and try and score some physio, although that will probably take weeks. I might resort to lying and say I’m a part-time personal trainer ;) Either way, “taking it easy” is starting to get me down – I just feel weak :(

Anyhow, since the workout I did on Wednesday left me destroyed for days, I decided to do it again.


5 minutes jogging


Tabata burpees.

Skipped the BW squats coz of burpees and the fact I have been hitting legs so much.

Muscle up swings
Realised that I am actually scared to do any MU’s now because of my arm. Just focussing on the technique and will get back into doing them when I feel I’m ready.

2 sets of push-ups:
20 x normal
10 x diamond
20 x narrow
Felt ok, although now (7 hours later) my deltoid hurts. Gah. Did get proper low on them, although had to break up a couple of sets.

3 x supersets:

  • 10 x pistols (each leg)
  • 10 x swiss ball pikes 

10 rounds of:

  • 1 minute kicking (front, side, high, low, from squats etc.)
  • 30s rest
3 x supersets:
  • 10 x 10kg weighted hyperextensions
  • 30s plank
These were ok – must be getting stronger as I probably could’ve held the plank for longer, whereas last time I was f-ed.
5 minutes jogging (back home!)
Stretching whilst my sweet potato cooked ;)

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