Tuesday 13th November

Last training session before the seminars – three days rest then it’s off to Manchester for two days of Bar-baric training. Yesterday was pulling, today is pushing…


5 minutes cross trainer

2 bench push-ups
2 bench dips

10 x pull-ups (neutral grip)

10 x dips

Joint mobility


Weighted dips drop set:

5 @ 15kg
7 @ 12.5kg
7 @ 10kg
8 @ 7.5kg
8 @ 5kg
9 @ 2.5kg
11 @ bodyweight

I should’ve started at 20kg, or even 25kg, but picked up the 20kg plate and got scared. Stupid, given the numbers I got compared to the pulls yesterday.

Set up my rings to do some sets on them:

4 sets of dips (5, 4, 4, 4)
1 minute rest in-between

3 sets of 3 x skin the cat

3 sets of 7 x very low push-ups

3 sets of 4 x arm-extended push-ups
(Not sure how to describe these… One rep is: go down, extend right arm out to side, bring back in, extend left arm out to side, bring back in, push back up. They hurt.

3 sets of 5 x muscle-ups from standing

10 x hanging leg raises in between some sets
These still make my shoulder hurt – must be a tendon/ligament thing. Gonna stick to doing leg raises on the p-bars for now.

Got to say that this is one of the best sessions I’ve ever done. Makes me think that actually splitting pushing and pulling on to separate days is the way to go. I never felt like I had enough to fill the pull days, but I think with muscle ups and weighted stuff, plus some static holds, I will be able to build a good routine. Yay – it’s an awesome feeling when you nail a session and can go to be sore but happy :)

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