Tuesday 27th November

Hard days work – planting up a garden in Kensington. Rainy, cold, lugging around heavy things and trying to dig with one arm for about 6 hours. Wanted to train legs but after yesterdays workout and all that I could barely drag my sorry ass back down the street to my house. And if anyone is wondering whether high fat diets can be a cure for Raynaud’s, then I would say the answer is a big fat “no” – my hands and feet were still numb for most of the day.

Started doing some new stretches – arm slides up the wall and others to open the pecs. Am more and more convinced muscle imbalance is partly to blame for the injury, and am working to pull my shoulders back and open my chest up. Posted on a few forums for advice and got some good links and info. Will do a blog post on it all when I know more.

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