In the absence of posts here…

…I thought I would direct you towards a couple of excellent other blogs to read if you find yourself at a loose end this freezing winters evening :)

Whilst I have a few posts in the pipeline, they’re meaty enough to have me scratching my head, tweaking and control-freaking, and opting to leave them in the Drafts folder (for now). But since I love all my readers so much (mainly because they comprise of my mum and a couple of friends ;) I thought I’d share a couple of my other favourite training blogs with you.

The first is GetFizzycal, a quirky sports blog that covers everything from dance to football to BMX riding. Ify, their lead writer, hand-picks the best stories, videos and snippets of wisdom to brighten up your day. Digging around (using the menu on the right) will reveal such treasures as how to make your own peg board, tutorials on fun exercises like one-armed inverted rows, and enough martial arts videos to keep you occupied for a very long while!

Go and check it out, and if you like it then swing via their store and pick up one of their limited edition black-on-black logo t-shirts. I have seen one in the cotton-y flesh and it’s very cool :)

Next up is the StrongFirst blog. StrongFirst is the new organisation formed by Pavel Tsatsouline. It is a “school of strength”, offering training and certification in bodyweight, kettlebell and barbell techniques. In my opinion it is already a leading force in strength certification, and certainly one to watch over the next few years. Their blog, written by some of their incredibly knowledgeable and experienced staff, is excellent, and full of sensible training advice free from pointless bro science, misogyny and all the other bullshit you have to wade through on so many other sites.

If you’re in the mood for reading something longer, then I am half way through Running With The Kenyans, about a British guy who moves his whole family to Kenya to train with the athletes there and try to discover just what makes the Kenyans such good distance athletes. It’s excellent – engaging, well-written and actually much more interesting than I thought a book about running could be ;)

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