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For some reason – maybe the time of year – all the stories in this episode are about nutrition, weight-loss and food.

Ketosis – Advantaged or misunderstood state? (Part I)
The first part of a series on the excellent Eating Academy by Peter Attia. If you don’t know what ketosis is, have thought about going low-carb, wondered how it is that the Atkins Diet works, or want to become fat adapted and free yourself from the woes of blood sugar swings, you should definitely read this.

Womens ideal body measurements
Interesting article breaking down womens ideal body measurements into maths. Not sure I really buy it all though – too many different body shapes and other factors for it to be possible to make generalisations.

Bambi ate Thumper
Why herbivores sometimes eat meat. Had an interesting chat with a vegetarian on Friday during which that she said she occasionally has dreams about eating red meat, then wakes up, eats a burger, and doesn’t think about meat again for another 6 months!

Local researcher provides formula to predict strokes
Taiwanese scientist claims to have found a formula to predict the likelihood of strokes. Your chances increase you’re a smoker, a vegetarian, or overweight, and if you exercise to extreme or drink alcohol.

Could this elixir hold the key to weight loss? Experts hope it’ll also treat diabetes, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s 
This is just weird – the elixir is ketones – what the body naturally produces when following a low carb diet. Why people can’t just follow a low carb diet and get the same benefits (and more) is beyond me.

Features of a successful therapeutic fast of 382 days’ duration
Research paper: “A 27-year-old male patient fasted under supervision for 382 days and has subsequently maintained his normal weight.”

Obesity killing three times as many as malnutrition
Natural selection…?

Don’t let allergies drive you nuts
A new study suggests that chemicals in water are linked to the huge rise in food allergies. Scary. Glad I got a water filter for my birthday!

Wobbly arms: the latest on our list of body image worries
If you thought Spanx were bad, imagine the same but for your arms. Yet another product designed to capitalise on women’s insecurities. A problem that wouldn’t exist if they did a bit of exercise and drank less Chardonnay.

Obesity and Overeating During Menopause Together Promote Breast Tumor Growth and Progression
Scientific paper shows obese women could reduce their risk of getting breast cancer by taking measures to decrease their weight gain.

ME isn’t ‘all in the mind’, but it’s still a mystery
Quite why someone won’t fund a study to see if there’s a correlation between suffers coming from middle class families with overbearing mothers is beyond me – they seem to be the consistent factor in sufferers lives to me. That said, “ME patients have been found to have lower levels of cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands” makes me wonder if there’s an element of ME being like diabetes in the way that cortisol is to insulin.

Diabetes Drug May Restore Memory In Alzheimer’s
Researchers in Canada have discovered that a drug originally intended for the treatment of diabetes may restore memory in brain cells affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The link between blood sugar and Alzheimer’s gets interestinger and interestinger.

And finally, from the Stupid Files…

Revealed: women are the secret oglers
Somebody actually funded, and some more people actually undertook, a study that showed that women look at men. Amazing.

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