Tuesday 11th December

5 minutes running



5 rounds of:

  • 1min 30s on kick bag
  • 20 x hollow rocks
  • 20 x supermen
  • 15 x oblique raises (left)
  • 15 x oblique raises (right)
No rest at all – done back-to-back
Weighted pistol squats:
  • A few bodyweight ones to warm up
  • 20 x 2.5kg
  • 20 x 5kg
  • 20 x 7.5kg (done in two sets of 10)
  • 20 x 10kg (done in three sets of 6, 8 and 6)
Couple of minutes rest between each set
Tabata squat-kicks 
Been thinking about trying this for a while and felt strong/fit enough. Was ok – will do again in a few days.
Dragon flag holds.
Don’t really seem to be making much progress on these. Will have to do some more reading. Maybe they’re just really hard ;)
10 x dips (y’know, just to see…)
6 x pull-ups (ditto)
Damn they felt gooooooood. Some pain on the last few pull-ups – could feel a bit of grinding in the front deltoid. Definitely confirmed my decision to rest another two weeks.
Tabata weighted (10kg) lunges

3 sets of 10 x L-sit kick-outs
Starting to move back to some static work on the p-bars, but will limit it to leg raises, L-sit holds and kick-outs. No tuck planche holds – too much load on delts.
Isometric stretching
Was just finishing my stretching when Seth asked if I wanted to do his abs class. 15 minutes of crunches… probably more crunches than I’ve done in the entire previous 6 months! Really really hard – felt weak and fi-ble :)
Hoping to hit back and plyometrics tomorrow, and yoga, but will see how I feel…

Went to the doctors for my follow-up appointment today, and he said he thinks it’s tendonitis. Which is funny because that’s what I told the other doctor I thought it was, and she said she didn’t think so. I hate doctors. Anyhow, he ordered an ultrasound to see if I’ve pulled a muscle (that or impingement still feels like a real possibility to me) and some physio. Neither of those will happen for another 4-6 weeks though… Will rest upper body for another two weeks and see how I feel. It’s definitely feeling better, but no-where near good enough to resume my previous level of training.

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  1. Aleks Salkin says:

    That’s a lot of calisthenics-ing! :-P Seriously, you’re a machine. Here’s an idea for your Dragon Flags: if you want to get better at them, start doing them first thing in your workout, maybe a set or two of 5. It takes a lot of strength to do them because they are, in fact, hard as shit, and you’ll make faster progress if you do them before you get fatigued.

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