Wednesday 19th December

Had to take two days off – legs were dead. Still feeling quite dead if I’m honest, but hey – nearly time for a wee Xmas break. Bit of a quick session – had to be at a friends for dinner.


Usual 5 mins cross-trainer and mobility stuff


Tabata burpees
Not feeling very fit today, although legs feeling better after two days off

Pistol squats:

5 each leg @ 5kg

5 each leg @ 10kg

5 each leg @ 10kg
5 each leg @ 10kg
3 each leg @ 15kg (alternating)

3 sets of 10 x leg raises on (p-bars)

3 sets of 5 x dragon flag partials

2 sets of:
8 x slow pull-ups
8 x slow dips
10 x push-ups

Yeah yeah – said I wasn’t gonna do any more pull-ups for a while – bite me ;) Shoulder feels ok today – no worse than usual. Trying to cut down on my dairy which I’ve been eating a lot of recently and I don’t think it’s helped. Ditto coffee.

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