Sunday 6th January 2013


5 mins X-trainer


Bit of yoga

Back hyperextensions

10 x hanging leg raises


Decided today was the day to learn deadlifting (hence the uber warm-up), so watched a video of Mehdi from StrongLifts on YouTube, read several webpages and books, wrote down a bullet-point list of what to do, memorised it on the tube, then asked Byron (one of the trainers who basically lives in the weights room) to help me.

Started with about 10 x 40kg. (Bar weighs 20kg + 2 x 10kg plates). Probably did them in two sets of 5.

Then put on 15kg plates – 50kg total. Did about 6 reps.

Then put on 20kg plates – 60kg – and did 3 sets of 6 reps.

Felt ok – not too heavy, although I could definitely feel it in my back, despite all the hyperextensions which I thought would help strengthen it more in preparation. Form was fine – nothing major to work on I don’t think, although feel a bit wonky coming back down.

Will do it again on Wednesday – aiming for twice a week – and will probably stick to 60kg, then move up 10kg the next time. Will see how I feel. If it’s like the back hyperextensions I reckon I will be able to progress fairly quickly. Would like to hit 120kg (2 x bodyweight) but that might be a completely stupid goal (I have no idea what a good aim for deadlift is!) which I am quite prone to making ;)

3 x supersets:
8 x very low and slow TRX push-ups
5 x HSPU negatives

3 sets of 7 x low ‘n’ slow dips

2 sets of 5 x muscle up negatives

Pistol squats:
5 x 10kg
3 x 15kg
1 x 20kg
(Each leg)

20kg is my 1RM for pistols. I am aiming to get to 5 x 20kg on each leg.

20 minutes of yoga/stretching

20 minutes steam

Actually felt like this was a good session – happy about the deadlifts and the pistols. Hopefully back won’t be too stiff tomorrow. Been in a rare sad/bad mood today, so it was just what I needed. Big fatty pork steak for dinner, with mushrooms and spinach stir-fried in garlic butter and a bar of 85% cocoa chocolate for dessert = slightly happier Fi.

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