Thursday 31st January


5km run:
1km @ 10.5km/h
1km @ 11.0km/h
1km @ 11.5km/h
1km @ 12.0km/h
1km @ 12.5km/h


Wanted to try the Bar-barian forum challenge (max push-ups in 2 mins, all rest in plank) but didn’t do very well at it so not gonna post ;) Actually I did better than the other times I’ve tried, but not as good as I’d like to do. Going from that static to pushing out reps is killer. Just gonna have to keep working at it.

Then did 5 supersets of:

10 x Swiss ball pikes
10 x leg raises

Had a bit of a cold this week so not been training so much. Also my shoulder is hurting again due to my poor decision-making skills and lack of willpower :)

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