Friday 1st February

A very rare thing happened today which has only happened once before in the past five years – a friend joined me in the gym. Fitness First actually lets me bring a friend for free on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, although I never use it as my friends don’t seem that interested in training (and I suspect, more significantly, can’t be bothered to come down to my part of town either!).

Anyhow, since my friend knows way more about weight training then I do, he taught me how to squat. His form is perfect, mine much less so. Got lots of tips on the right way to do it, so now I’m just going to practise and slowly start adding weight (like I’ve been doing on deadlifts).

Did quite a few sets – bar only, then 30kg then 40kg. None of them made me feel it in my legs – mainly just felt the weight on my back, which isn’t used to having heavy things pressing on it.

We also did some deadlifting – I did my 5×5’s at 55kg.

Messed about with pistol squats and using kettlebells for weight, and then did some handstands. Held a freestanding one for a few seconds. Still scared of doing them without someone to spot me – not very good at falling (i.e. I will tip over backwards like someone’s pushed a bookshelf).

Must say it was awesome to have someone to train with who knows more than me. (Yeah, I know that sounds cocky, but half the people in my gym are technically labelled as “subgenius” and the other half are just a bit thick ;) )

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