Monday 18th February 2013


Tabata burpees


5 x Swiss ball pikes
5 x Swiss ball pikes with roll-out
10 x leg raises (p-bars)

2 sets of band rehab


Lats day :)

X trainer and mobility warm-up

3 x 10 scapular pull-ups
I’d always seen people do these things where you pull and your body ends up horizontal, kind of like a front lever. Never really got them, but today I could pull my shoulders down and kind of do that (without bending my arms). Quite cool.

Lat pull-downs using a bar with a wide neutral grip:
1 x 15 30kg
3 x 8  40kg of the same

Lat pull-downs using two plastic handle things to make a narrow grip:
3 x 8  40kg

Bent-over rows:
10 x 30kg
3 x 8 x 35kg

Single arm rows:
3 x 8 @ 14kg

Straight-armed lat pull-down things standing up at the cable machine :
1 x 8 @ 16.25kg
1 x 8 @ 18.75kg
3 x 8 @ 21.25kg

Did some more scapular pull-ups – was feeling excited by them :)

Finally chatted to one of the other guys who does cali who looked like he was about to do muscle-ups but who didn’t as it turns out actually has a shoulder problem that sounds remarkably similar to my tendonitis. Glad I’ve finally spoken to him – I am building a list in my head of the guys that I will get out to the park in summer :)

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