Sunday 17th February 2013

Had taken 4 days off – was feeling tired and run down (had a cold and eye infection) and decided that sitting round the house eating and watching Breaking Bad was a good plan, which is was. Ready to get back on it now ;)

It was a lovely sunny day so started it with an awesome 6.5km run on my normal-ish route, but with extra detours to make it as much of a trail run as possible. Felt great – actually could’ve gone on significantly longer but had to be at my folks place for lunch. Going to look into some longer routes and try and aim for a 10k next time.


Did some yoga to warm up a bit

3 sets of 5 x Dragon flag negatives
In between them I did 5 x 8kg weighted pistols on each leg (3 sets total)

Handstand practise. Feel like I’m ready to start moving away from the wall. Need to learn how to roll out first.

Did a bit of crow stand practise, messed around on a couple of boxes doing L-sit->tuck planch, tried a few elbow levers but legs were a bit tired after this morning.

Deadlifts – 5×5 @ 67.5kg
Felt good – actually much easier than I thought they would be. Next up 70kg… eek!

Did some stretching. Still not got back into doing the iso stuff after tweaking my groin muscle (?!) but thinking I should be good to go on that now.

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