Thursday 7th February 2013


5 mins X-trainer warm-up

Bit of yoga/mobility


10 x with empty bar
5 x 40kg

Then 5×5 @ 60kg.

Felt good. Think 65kg is going to be where it starts to get more challenging – up till now I can just think about my form instead of actually trying to lift the weight, but I suspect that could be about to change.

Whilst resting between deads (2 mins) I did my resistance band sets (2 sets of 10 reps of 7 exercises) and some tennis ball rolling. Normally just wander around staring into space (or at guys ***** and *****) so felt quite productive to use my rest time like that.


Doing more running in my Quest To Not Do Pull-ups and Chris suggested doing either the Hill or Random setting to get a variation in incline. Decided to go for the Random. Was hoping it changed speed too, but sadly not.

Ended up doing 6km on level 7 of the Random program at a steady 10km/h pace.

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