Block Workout = inspiration

Block Workout is a tricky thing to define. It was started in 2009 by a guy called Boost (aka. Teroll Lewis) and I guess you’d call it a strength and fitness collective which sits somewhere between British Military Fitness and traditional (!?) bar calisthenics. They’re based mainly over at Brockwell Park, where they run sessions for both men and women, but they also run classes out of various gyms in South London, including Brixton Fitness First. I met Boost last year at the Britains Got Talent practise sessions and one day, when I my shoulder stops hurting (or at this rate, when it doesn’t) I’ll head over to train with him.

They’ve got bigger and bigger, thanks in part to a good presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, but also thanks to dedicated people like Ben and GincessYo, who’ve got caught up in the whirlwind of positivity and inspiration that comes out of BWO and talk about it lots. A few weeks ago Boost was featured on the news speaking about the positive effect training like this has had on the local community, especially younger people who might otherwise get caught up in gangs or drugs. It’s a fantastic step forward for the sport that it’s received such coverage, and really cool that a more mainstream audience could hear first hand from people involved about the positive difference it’s had on their lives.
Ben took the audio footage form that interview and mixed it with video he shot at various training sessions to create what is probably the most profound bar calisthenics video I’ve ever seen. In case anyone who reads this is still under the messed up impression that hitting the bars is just an excuse for a bunch of kids to hang out in the park, this should show you it’s about much much more:

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