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Decided to re-format this regular (ish) post to include not only a round-up of good training, nutrition and calisthenics articles, but also videos and anything else awesome that’s worth sharing. I will endeavour to do it at least weekly now, instead of the monthly (or less) that I have been recently.


You will (hopefully!) know that I value simplicity over most other things, especially with regards to training and nutrition. The reason I just LOVE this video (it’s actually the best cali video I’ve seen all year) is because it takes two simple things and puts them together in a way that no body else has done before.

Check it out. (Sorry – it’s hosted on Viddy and I can’t embed it)

This one is by some British free runners who have gone to the gym to have some unexpected fun. Watch out for an awesome burpee variation…

Onto news about training, diet and other random things…


The Tabata workout programme: harder, faster, fitter, quicker? (Guardian)
Good overview of the Tabata protocol, which I am very fond of, in the Guardian.

Best ways to build endurance (Ben Greenfield)

Advanced pull up variations (Mike Fitch – Global Bodyweight Training)

Hip hinge forearm push-ups (Mike Fitch – Global Bodyweight Training)

How to become a handstand beast (Anthony Mychal)

Quick switch to barefoot shoes can be bad to the bone (Science Daily)
Sharing my experience on this one ;)

On tendonitis (Eat, Move, Improve)
Lots of good information here for what is the calisthenics injury of choice!

Eat fat not sugar

Finally the world seems to be very slowly catching up to the fact that sugar is evil. A few articles on it in the past few weeks:

Let The Eat Fat (Wall Stree Journal)

Sugar, not fat, exposed as deadly villain in obesity epidemic (Guardian)

Skimmed milk makes kids fat (Telegraph)
Observational study that shows kids given skimmed milk end up fatter than those who drink full fat.

Calorie calculations

Another thing that people also seem to be realising is that the way that calorie contents are calculated is inaccurate (eg. it doesn’t look at all at how the body processes foods). A couple of good articles on the subject:

Debate over calories threatening to erode food pyramid (Globe and Mail)

There is no such thing as a calorie to your body  (

They’re Still Doing It Wrong: Have We Been Miscounting Calories? (Paleo for Women)

Obesity, dieting and the need to not eat like a 5 year old

Obesity Connected to Antibiotics in Animal Products (Organic Authority)

It’s not poverty that’s fattening – it’s the bad eating habits (Telegraph)

We have the freedom to choose what we eat, so let’s savour it (Telegraph)

How dieting makes you feel guilty about your food (Telegraph)

Home made kimchi (The Perfect Health Diet)

Sweet Potato Brownies (PaleOMG)

And a random one to end with…

Englishman wakes up from stroke speaking fluent Welsh
Man lived in Wales as a kid, but never spoke Welsh fluently. After a stroke he wakes up speaking fluent Welsh. Really made me think about how much unlocked potential there is in our brain – all that information just sitting there with no way to get out.

Feel free to send me any suggestions for articles, either here in the comments or at info at the name of this :)

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