Monday 11th March 2013

Have been revising my training schedule t allow for better focus on learning new skills, as well as strength training and running. I’ve decided that the most efficietnt thing would be to pull these three things (along with flexbility and mobility) into different workouts to allow for more foucssed effort and careful recovery cycling. Essentially I’m going to put skill-based sessions on their own, so that I’m not fatigued, and also to ensure I’m sufficiently recovered from previous heavy sessions.

Lunchtime – skills:

Tabata burpees


3 sets of 10 x leg raises

3 x L-sit holds

3 sets of 5 x dragon flag negatives

Time spent working on straddle l-sits

3 x tuck planche holds using elastic band over chin-up bars

2 x full resistance band sets

Evening – strength:

3 x 10 x scapula pull-ups

1 x 10 @ 15kg warm-up set

3 x supersets:
10 x inverse rows
5 x single arm rows @ 20kg

Bent-over rows
3 x 10 @ 30kg

5 x low straight bar dips
(So hard to get forearms at 90 degrees!)

Standing pull-downs
10 x 18.75kg
2 x 5 @ 21.25kg
1 x 5 @ 23.75kg

(A slight de-load on all the lat stuff – going back to heavy 3×5 sets again next time)

Resistance band sets

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