Sunday 31st March 2013

Easter day! Woohoo. Was down with my folks, so did a 10km run from theirs up to the local town and back, twice. It’s a 5km circuit with about a 70m elevation – some really tough hills. Ran it in just under an hour, but didn’t bother to time it – at the moment I’m just aiming to get in one long run per week.

Afterwards I had a massive Easter lunch – roast lamb, pudding, cheese, chocolate.
By the time I got home that evening I was tired and full. However, I had to do some cooking for something the next day, which involved a bit of waiting around. Every month I think about doing the challenges on the Bar-barians forums. Sometimes they are just too damn tough, others they would exacerbate my shoulder injury, but occasionally, like the little bear’s porridge, it’s just right ;)
This month the challenges were L-sits and dragon flag holds. I tried the L-sits twice as my leg was cramping a bit after the run. Got 38s which was cool. The dragon flags… I tried three times, as I wanted to beat 22s, which was the score at last place on the leader board! They were killer.
Anyhow, I posted about the challenges and some more fun stuff on my main blog so I won’t re-hash it all here.

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