Sunday 3rd March 2013

Second ever 10km run. Wanted to go outside but after spending several hours in the coldest building in the world watching the Bar-barians seminar (which I decided not to train at in order to rest my shoulder) I was absolutely frozen through so decided to head straight to the gym and do it on the treadmill.

Chris had leant me his heart rate monitor. I’d not used one before and was mostly just curious, although I’ve since realised that it’s a pretty useful tool, especially to work out the heart rate at which I should stay below in order to have maximal endurance (can’t remember if I mentioned the fact I’m now training for a 20km run followed by several laps of some kind of insane assault course?!).

Here are some stats:

1st 8k @ 10km/h
184 max

K9 @ 11km/h
183 max

K10 @ 12km/h

The run went really well – felt good the whole time, foot was ok (although aching today – think it’s a stress fracture so will have to try and be restrained about hitting the running again too hard). First long stretch in the new trainers, which were very comfortable. Actually felt like I could’ve kept going – wasn’t fatigued or even close to bonking.

Last night in bed I worked out that my resting heart rate is 61bpm, and used the formula here to find out that my target heart rate for fat burning is 154. So the above looks spot-on (not sure why the maxes are so high – I did initially start out at 10.5km/h – perhaps that pushed it up at first). The reason for the fat burning rate is that since I eat a high fat diet I aim not to eat into my muscle glycogen supplies. Keeping intensity low means that you can merrily fat burn for a loooonnnnnng time (compared to if you were running on carbs), and it was very pleased that it went so well.

Did a good half an hour of yoga, stretching and foam rolling afterwards.

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