Thursday 21st March 2013

Have been off training for a few days due to some weird health issues. But not training makes my body hurt, plus I was getting antsy not picking up any heavy shit, so had to come and train.

Had my main workout at lunchtime at my non-normal club:

5 minutes X trainer

Yoga and mobility

10 x pull-ups

Kick bag work:
1 min kicks
20s rest
For 5 rounds


5 x 50kg

5 x 60kg

Decided to jump straight to my work weight otherwise I’d be lifting a lot…

5 x 5 @ 77.5kg.

Was hard. Grip ok but think it affected my form a bit. Was worried back would be sore today but it’s ok, which makes me a bit more confident.

Single-arm rows
3 x 5 @ 20kg

Sitting down rows
10 x 20kg
3 x 5 @ 30kg

Elbow lever and tuck planche work

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