Friday 12th April 2013


Training Stu (my guinea pig PT client!)

Did some stretching afterwards and a couple of handstand attempts. Nothing too heavy as doing deads later.


Just wanted to do deadlifts. Did 5mins X-trainer warm-up and lots of yoga and joint mobility. Then:

5 x empty bar
5 x 60kg
5 x 70kg
3 x 5 @ 82.5kg

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that I have both skipped 80kg and also dropped the sets to three.

The reason for the former is that because of my arm injury I was unable to lift a few weeks ago, so wanted to play catch-up. I’ve been feeling strong so figured it’d be ok, especially with the reduced sets. It was heavy, but it was indeed ok. I think the heavyness was more related to the fact I’m not quite recovered from two days of pull ups and the 5km of mad-ass intervals. Also, I am aiming to quit the gym at the end of May. That gives me seven or eight weeks to nail 3 x 5 @ 100kg. It will be quite a challenge I suspect, but really awesome if I could do it. We will see – I have no idea if it’ll be a realistic goal or not.

The reason for the latter is the 5×5 was always too much. Add in warm-up sets and you’re looking at 35 reps a session, which for deads is really too much. I’m moving back towards doing more pull ups and running so will be generally more fatigued, plus I want to progress quite heavily on the weight, so 3×5 seems like a good idea.

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