Saturday 13th April 2013

Spent the morning doing my Level 2 Gym Instructors course practical. Went well. Assessor described it as “an easy pass”. Afterwards he asked if I was going to do Level 3 (the personal trainer course) and I said I wasn’t sure, because I didn’t think it would be relevant given my training style and what I intend to do with clients. I spoke about the StrongFirst bodyweight certification and a few other things, and that led into a discussion about Ido Portal and MovNat. Not what I was expecting at all from him – he seemed like quite a straight-up conventional fitness guy. Quite cool.

After that I spent the whole day shopping. For some reason I awoke with the urge to get some new clothes, a goal which was met with some success – a hot vest top, a funky sports bra and a cute cardigan. However my primary goal – getting trousers which in no way resemble tracksuit bottoms – was a complete failure. Damn my squatting ass and muscley thighs. It’s either the waist fits and I can’t get my ass in, or my ass and thighs fit but the waist is baggy. Roll on summer when I can get back into skirts and dresses!

Anyhow, after being immersed neck-high in the horror that is other people in the midst of a retail frenzy, I felt pretty fucked. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fixation I had developed on the bus back about going to the local vegetarian Indian buffet and stuffing my face then I would’ve gone straight home, but instead I dragged my grumpy ass to the gym and… had another awesome workout. Woohoo!

(I realise that these training logs are beginning to sit somewhere between “teenage diary” and “total fucking brain-dump”, but frankly I don’t care – it’s nice to have somewhere to write unfettered, play with words and vomit the contents of my mind, unhindered by concerns that anyone actually bothers to read them).

Decided to keep the reps low – all <5 -="" but="" focus="" intense="" nbsp="" on="" p="" stuff.="">

5 mins cross trainer
Joint mobility/stretching

1 x pull up
2 x L-sit kickouts

2 x pull ups
4 x L-sit kickouts

3 x pull ups
6 x L-sit kickouts
2 x pull ups
4 x L-sit kickouts
1 x pull ups
2 x L-sit kickouts


3 sets of:

  • 3 x front lever/scapular pull up things
    2 mins rest 
(Carl – PT from the gym – was talking about doing a front lever yesterday and did a few of these, and I did a couple too. Decided to add them into my routine – they were previously just an occasional lat day thing. Reckon in conjunction with the normal front lever progressions they could be pretty good. Will have to see the progress and make a decision about whether they get on the Obsessions list for the next few months).
4 x supersets (1.5 mins rest between each set):
  • 5 x explosive pulls
  • 5 x slow/high leg raises (p-bars)
1 x muscle up (just because)
3 x skin the cats
3 x back lever holds
On  the first one I stuck my right leg out properly all the way…
…but on the second one the left leg weren’t ‘avin’ any of it.
Seated rows:
  • Warm-up set 8 x 20kg
  • 5 x 30kg
  • 5 x 35kg
Single arm rows:
  • 3 x 5 @ 20kg (each arm)
Standing straight-armed lat pull-downs:
  • Warm-up set 8 x 21.25kg
  • 3 x 5 x 26.25kg
Stretching and foam rolling.
Oh, and Indian buffet.

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