Saturday 6th April 2013

Gym session:

Warm up on cross trainer, and some stretching and yoga

Warm up on bars:
– 5 scapular pull ups (felt strong and controlled – getting nearly horizontal now)
– 5 pull ups
– 5 push ups

5 x explosive pull ups

Some muscle ups – two singles, and repped two. Did some straight bar dips at the top.
Felt strong – cleaner but still one-armed. Shoulder still feeling it. Going to focus more on explosive pulls for now still, and building more strength.

2 sets of dragonflags/negatives (weren’t feeling very strong at all – going to have to practise more)

3 x 10 ab wheel rollouts on knees but from elevated position
(Doing from standing is too much strain on my shoulder, so raised knees for additional hardness)

Some tuck planche holds.
Arm (wrist – hurt it doing that back lever) still a bit weak to do them on the push-up handles.

Some work on going from crouch to L-sit on the push up handles

Seated rows – 8 x 25kg, 10 x 20kg, 10 x 20kg
Dropped the weight as wanted to focus on pulling shoulders back

Standing lat pull down things
3 x 8 @ 23.25kg
These felt really strong.

Stretching, shoulder rehab work (had second session of physio)

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