Sunday 14th April 2013

I’m part of a team that’s running this 20km mud race (you will hear me talking about it increasingly on here as we head towards July), and today was the second team training run, but the first I could attend.

We went to Richmond Park – a massive beautiful park full of deer, all kinds of terrain and a lot of mature oak trees. The weather was amazing – sunny and about 19 degrees. Perfect for a rain-o-phobe runner like myself.

The overall route took in one side of the park. We ran about 4km to an area with a concrete bunker thing and loads of falled down trees and did circuits – muscle-up/jumping onto the bunker, running across it, doing squats with a log, balancing on logs, jumping over logs, dips, push ups (didn’t do those two – shoulder) and then running back round and up the bunker again (not something my road running shoes were very good at – must sort that out!).

After doing circuits for 20 minutes or so, we ran back.
And that makes it all sound so simple and easy… But it wasn’t – it was a hard hilly run, the circuits were actually ok, but by the run back my legs were knackered. Lots of stopping and starting and jumping over things definitely didn’t help matters!
Here are the stats from the whole run:

Fastest km was 5:30.

Went home broken. Ate lots, then went to friends for dinner where luckily I could spend most of the evening sitting down drinking wine :)

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