Thursday 25th April 2013

Bit tired today, to put it mildly – Thursday’s normally a rest day but I’ve had to make some changes as a result of the fact that I appear to now be running a 12km cross-country mud obstacle run on Sunday. Eek!

I normally do deads on Friday (well, for the past few weeks at least) but moved them to today. I warmed up with the next set of planche exercises but didn’t do the full sets as I was feeling quite broken from training this week and my general insomnia problem, and even I know when to stop sometimes (although given the decision to deadlift that could be questioned).

Exercise 3: Pseudo Planche (dynamic push)
Did two sets of about 5
Need to check form

Exercise 4: Pseudo Planche Alternate leg lift
Did two sets of 10 (5 each leg)
Didn’t get the first one quite right I think. They are HARD!

That was pretty much my deadlifting warm-up, although I did a few scapular pull up/front lever things, and a muscle up, although that was mainly because there was some meathead see-you-next-Tuesday eyeballing me next to the pull up/squat rack and I wanted to make it absolutely clear to him who the boss was. Bitch.

Anyhow, *cough*, deads:

2 x 5 x empty bar
5 x 65kg
3 x 75kg
Work sets @ 87.5kg: 3 sets of 5 reps.

Then I basically crawled to the mat, did some stretching, then dragged my weary ass home.

On the up-side, two days rest ahead – woohoo!

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