Tuesday 30th April 2013

Warm up

3 rounds of:
20s jumping jacks
10s rest
20s burpees
10s rest
20s lunges
10s rest

Stretching and mobility


Another day, another go at the forum challenge. The last go, in fact, since it’s the end of the month. This time I decided to go for as short a rest periods as I could, starting with 10s. However all that happened is that the lactic acid built up in the latter sets and I ended up doing quite a bit of hanging to rest – not good as once you start doing that it’s all downhill. The reps were also pretty shonky towards the end – lots of leg kicking and general crapitude. Got the time down to 7m47s (previous was 7m57s!) so not as much as I wanted. But hey – I’m pretty sure it’s got my endurance up, so it’s a fair trade guv.

3 x 7 x slow leg raises

3 x 10 L-sit kickouts

Couple of back lever attempts

Also 10s static high pull up hold, 10s middle, 10s deadhang

Pistol squats:
5 x 5kg (each leg)
3 x 10kg (each leg)
3 x 15kg (each leg)
2 x 20kg (each leg)

Stretching, food, bed.

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