Wednesday 24th April 2013


Some yoga and stretching to sort out my mashed up arms.

5 x 3 straddle headstands

3 x 15s straddle L-sits


Cardio Wednesday… Was gonna do the leg routine I’d done last week, but have decided to alternate between that and the crazyassed hill run I’ve done before. This time I went up to 7%. Total of 6km (including 1km warmup at 0%/10km/h)

The routine is:
30s @ 6km/h
30s @ 16km/h
For each round the incline is increased by 0.5%. Then when I hit 7% I did the same in reverse.

It’s brutal but felt much better than last time – no gasping for air, even at 7. Quite happy with that.

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