Belated report on the Bar Jam

The Bar Jam, part of the Breakin’ Convention, the UK’s biggest break dancing festival, took place in London a few weeks ago. Organised by the Bar-barians, it saw all the biggest talent in the UK in one place. Two sets of high bars, two sets of parallel bars, music blaring and sunshine blazing meant things were off on a good foot before anyone even turned up, but the positive vibes, enthusiasm and friendliness that everyone brought with them turned it into a next-level event.

It’s really hard to explain what a good day it was, at least without sounding like some gushing over-emotional dick. It’s rare that I’m short of words, but… well, why don’t you have a watch of the video that Ben, who is rapidly becoming the go-to camera guy and editing king for the scene, made. It will sum it up way better than I could ever hope to…

My day got off to a slightly weird start – I was on the tube, in my own little world listening to music and fiddling around with stuff in my bag. A friend had advised me to take some of my Bar-barella business cards, and it was at the point that I realised I only had three when I looked up to find Zoe sitting opposite me and staring at me :) After getting over the shock of that, we nattered the rest of the way up to our stop, and walked over to the park.

When we arrived, there were loads of people there. Like, loads and loads. From the amount of videos I post of myself you could assume that I’m quite the exhibitionist, but actually the idea of doing stuff in front of people makes me really nervous, let alone many of the people who have basically inspired my own training. Zoe and I did a warm up set together – some pull ups and push ups – and after that I felt a bit more courageous and got some good sets in. Actually they were my best sets ever and I was really really happy :)

Thanks to Ben and Zoe you can see a compilation of them below:

Organisation for the next event is underway so keep an eye out here for news. In the meantime, if you’re in London and free on Saturday 8th June, then head over to Brixton where Block Workout will be hosting a bar jam outside the Ritzy Cinema.

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