Friday 3rd May 2013

Lunchtime session

Warm up

5 mins cross trainer

Joint mobility/stretching


Lat day (not done one in a while and got an event coming up on Monday so thought it would be beneficial to get one in).

3 sets of:
10 x 20kg seated row
10 x inverse pull ups

3 sets of:
2 or 3 x scapular pull up/front lever things
7 x leg raises
5 x wide grip pull ups

2 sets of:
5 x 18kg single arm rows (right arm)

5 x 18kg single arm rows (left arm)

3 sets of standing straight-armed pull downs:
7 x 21.25kg
5 x 23.75kg
3 x 26.25kg
Quick bit of stretching then back to work

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